Introducing SkyClaimTM:
Crop loss analysis made easy.






Save time & money by integrating the SkyClaimTM image analysis service into your existing crop insurance claim workflow...
Whole field damage is quickly assessed using affordable consumer drone technology
Fly and capture your own imagery
Faster than walking your fields
Compared to satellites, drones are more accurate, on-demand, and cost-effective for assessing field-scale crop damages
Powerful image processing in the cloud or on the farm using our advanced machine learning algorithms
Automated field damage classification and affected area reporting
Advanced image analysis for crop damage and yield loss mapping
Fully-scalable, handle any size or number of jobs simultaneously when bad weather strikes hard
Detailed reports and meaningful damage maps deliver same day insights
Precision validation information for crop loss claims verification
Evaluates current damage and estimates potential yield loss in dollar values
Readily accessible via desktop or mobile devices
First Full Version Release Set For Spring 2018.
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About Skymatics
Skymatics is a UAV company specifically aimed at bringing powerful and actionable data to the commercial and industrial sectors through simplifying drone image analysis and generating immediately actionable information.